Sompyler – scripted, computed, yet close to natural sound and music

Here you find music for free, i.e. source files as well as the pre-sompyled audio in MP3 format. To get a variety of other formats, e.g. FLAC or OGG, with Sompyler you can just generate it from the source.

By whom are those compositions?

The composers of the original scores past 70 years or longer ago and their works have therefore become public domain according to international copyright rules. Concerning this restriction, I basically rely on what is provided by the Mutopia Project and other trusted sources.

I plan to add own compositions, though.

Recently added

Studies on the piano sound

27th January 2018 ⋅ Tags: #development #sompyler #piano

In order to develop the Sompyler, make it approach perfection, I want to realize the piano sound as good and realistic as possible. As yet, the results hardly resemble the piano, though. I am aware that, in professionals' ear it will always sound like wanna-be at most. But let's take it as a challenge to light my ambitions, to pimp it continuously.

All sounds and graphs have been generated based on the Sompyler instrument definition of the piano from commit ommit 3fb0735.

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What is Sompyler?

That is my open-source software synthesizer I have been programing since March 2017. My project has three objectives:

  1. Originally a Perl guy, I wanted to start learning Python.
  2. I want to make music, to be able to design things up to tiniest detail beyond what is usually designed and fixed in soundfonts, but then not to fiddle around with feature-bloated user interfaces of other serious synthesizers, as sometimes I prefer to understand things from the ground up, analytically instead of by trial and error.
  3. Last but not least, I like to prove for myself that sound and music is among those things that can be defined as human-readable and understandable text.

Feel free to download or fork my Sompyler repository on Github. I hope you understand, however, that usability for the normal, "non-nerd" sound engineer or musician is currently not in main focus of development. The user is required to know some Python and how to get started without installation-logic comfort or a graphical user interface. The project is still in alpha state.

But everyone can enjoy the music below with their favorite player.

All other pieces

German christmas songs