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Süßer die Glocken nie klingen

Published on 10th December 2017 ⋅ Tags: #german #christmas

Download MP3Sompyler score source

The melody of this christmas carol actually originates from a thuringian folksong, german Wikipedia reads. The text to this carol was composed by Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger (1816–1890). I like it very much.

The Sompyler revision used to render is the current one, 0d884bf. The piano is much more percussive and sustaining than in the former works, yet it still not really compares to the typical sound of a real piano, rather to bells, doesn't it? The piano voice is accompanied by two trombones, i.e. an instrument I named trumpet as kind of an designing goal as well, used however with tones of the lower scale that real trumpets could hardly reach.

The source is included in the official Sompyler distribution as well. (Update: Moved to separate repository)