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Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen

Published on 24th December 2017 ⋅ Tags: #german #christmas

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In 1841, poet Hermann Klettke wrote this song based on the melody of other songs the composers of which is not known.

The song has six stanzas. This is a good opportunity to present in a sequence all instruments I have made so far. They are still far from perfect, but it is fun to work on them further. The piano for instance sounds like its sound board was welded together using beverage cans. The flute is missing a bit of softly blowing noise and perhaps some amplitude variation or tremolo.

To all who enjoyed listening my first steps in music synthesis, self-programmed with pure math and Python, I wish a merry Christmas and new year to keep in good memory. I plan to tune this site that is still looking somewhat preliminary.