Sompyler – Input: text/yaml – Output: audio file

Studies on the piano sound

27th January 2018 ⋅ Tags: #development #sompyler #piano

In order to develop the Sompyler, make it approach perfection, I want to realize the piano sound as good and realistic as possible. As yet, the results hardly resemble the piano, though. I am aware that, in professionals' ear it will always sound like wanna-be at most. But let's take it as a challenge to light my ambitions, to pimp it continuously.

All sounds and graphs have been generated based on the Sompyler instrument definition of the piano from commit 3fb0735.

Source of the partial relations, difference to natural overtone sequence and amplitude shapes i.e. derived from A1 onward and after A4 inspired from: E. D. Blackham: "Klaviere", in: Die Physik der Musikinstrumente, Verständliche Forschung. 2. Aufl. Heidelberg; Berlin : Spektrum Akad. Verl., 1998 — ISBN 3-8274-0291-3

Original publication: The Physics of the piano, in: Scientific American, 12/1965