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Anfängerstück 1

Published on 30th June 2018 ⋅ Tags: #own-composition #piano CC-by-nd 4.0

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This is my first own composition. It is in E major because the name of my niece born earlier this year starts with E.

I hope I can play it on the real piano some day. Currently I still practice with piano beginner's literature, and my head seems to be much more in advance, my hands cannot keep up.

What can you do with it caring for my accordance? As it is my own composition, I state: Creative Commons License
Anfängerstück 1 by Florian Heß is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Notes sheet is licensed so as well, which means that you can perform the piece with any real instrument or synthesizer. If you want to experiment with the sound of the piece with sompyler and dissiminate your work in compliance with the license, you will need to bundle your instrument definition with it. Sompyler resolves instrument links either to bundled files in the same directory as the score file i.e. additional subdirectories if any given, or to the official Sompyler distribution in {Sompyler}/lib/instruments.

The piano is better than in the former posts, but I can say that just because I am not a piano professional whose ear would be much more sensitive and accustomed to the sound of a real upright or grand piano.